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Hi, my name is Mayu. I have a pet, it is a cat. The name is the Blacky.

I get it from my friend yoni. It is very spoiled and beautiful with the smooth fur. It is a about five months old. It has yellow eyes and has a long tail its fur is very clean.

I feed it with meet and oily rice twice a day in the morning and evening. I never forget to give it good milk to drink.

I keep my cat in my bedroom but sometimes. I let it wander freely. I like it very much because it has good eyes and thick fur.


1.      Who tell about the cat ?

a. Yellow eyes                b. Mayu                                   c. Spoiled                    d. Thick fur

2.      What is the name of the cat ?

a. The black                    b. The blue                  c. The white                d. The Blacky

3.      The cat is from her …………..

a. Uncle                          b. friend                                  c. Cousin                     d. Friend

4.      It tail is …………..

a. Short                           b. yellow                                 c. Long                        d. Black

5.      The teller keep the cat in the …………

a. Kicthen                       b. Dining room                        c. Garage                     d. Bedroom

6.      How many time the cat eat five day ?

a. Two                            b. Tree                         c. Five             d. ten

7.      The following description is right about the cat ……………

a. It is three months old                                     c. It has a short tail

b. Its fur is thick and clean                                            d. It is from the market


Fill the blanks !

Today is Saturday, we are ……..(8)……. to school, you are bringing ….(9)….. bag, and I …..

(10) …. driving motorcycle , we …(11)…. very happy.


8.      Go                                  b. Going                      c. Went                        d. Gone


9.      a. Book                           b. Your                        c. Me                           d. You


10.    a. Are                             b. Is                             c. Am                          d. Don’t


11.    a. Are                             b. Is                             c. Bringing                  d. Studying



Choose the right occupation !


12.    You will go to …………. if you got the problem with your teeth.

a. Teacher                       b. Barber                     c. Fisherman                d. Dentist


13.    This person serves you in the plane.

a. Policeman                                           c. Carpenter

b. Flight attendence                               d. Postman


14.    D       : The man delivers letter or parcel to your house, what is he ?

A         : He is a …………..

a. Doctor                                    b. Postman                  c. Singer                      d. Librarian




Read the procedure text, the text shows the instruction how to boil water with a trditional kettle.

GOAL         How to boil water.

Material needed        1. Kettle

2. Fuel

3. Water

4. Matches

Steps         First, fill in the stove with the fuel

Than light up the stove with a match

After that, prepare a clean kattle

Next, pour the kettle with water

Put the kettle on the stove to boil the water

And wait for a moment until the water is boiling.

The last, boiling water is ready to make any drink.


15.    The best title for the text is ………….

a. How to make coffee                          c. How to boil water

b. How to drink tea                                d. How to use kettle


16.    We use a match to ………….

a. Light up the water                              c. light up the stove

b. Light up the kettle                             d. Light up the fuel


17.    If we want to boil water, we need except ………..

a. Match                         b. Fuel                         c. Kettle                      d. Spoon


18.    The third step is …………….

a. Pour the kettle with water                  c. Light up the stove

b. Prepare a clean kettle                         d. Fiil in the stove with the fuel




Text for number 19 until 23.

Mr.Johan is a soldier.He is very tall.He is not fat.His wife is a teacher.She

is thin and not tall.Her hair is black and wavy.She wears glasses.Mr.Johan has

two children.The are Elly and Ridwan.Elly is thin like her mother , but her hair is

not wavy.It is straight like her fathers.Ridwan , Elly brother is very tall.He is

fat .His skin is black like his father.Mr.Johan , his wife and his children want

sports.They usually do sports in Sunday morning.


19. According to the text , we know that Mr.Johan ‘s hair is …..

a. wavy b. straight c. black and wavy d. curly


20. They usually …..

They word they here refers to …..

a. Elly and Ridwan c. Mr.Johan and his children

b. Mr and Mrs. Johan d. Mr.Johan , his wife and his children


21. How many people are there in the text ? There are ….. people in the text.

a. one b. two c. three d. four


22. What is Ridwan like ?

a. he is smaal b. he is fat c. he is short d. he is thin


23. What is Mrs.Johan like ?

a. She is slim and talla c. She is thin and not tall

b. She is thin and has a straight hair d. She is talk and thin

Arrange the words into a good order !


24. A student – studying – I am – Now – English – I am – and

1                 2            3          4           5            6         7

a. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7       b. 6 3 4 5 2 1 7               c. 3 1 7 6 2 5 4     d. 6 1 3 5 2 4 7


25. Sleeping – nine – are – at – o’clock – we.

1              2       3      4         5           6

a. 6 3 2 1 4 5      b. 6 3 4 5 2 1          c. 6 3 1 4 2 5                    d. 6 3 1 4 5 2


26. Arrenge the jumled letters into meaningful words.

O – B – A – K – B – C – R – A – L – D

1    2     3     4    5     6     7    8     9   10

a. 1 2 3 4 5 8 6 7 10 9                c. 5 4 9 3 10 7 1 2 9 6 8

b. 5 9 3 6 4 2 1 8 7 10                d. 2 4 10 3 7 9 1 5 9 6 8



Read this descriptive text.

My brother and I look different, I have brown eyes and he has black eyes. We have black hair. But I have long and straight hair and she has short and curly hair. I am tall thin he is short and fat.

27. The writer has …………hair.

a. Curly                             b. Short                       c. Straight                    d. Different

28. Who has brown eyes?

a. Writter                           b. Brother                    c. Friend                      d. Sister

29. What is the best title for this text?

a. Short and fat                 b. Tall and thin            c. Straight and curly    d. My brother and I

30. I have long and straight hair. The underline word is synonymous with………

a. Short                              b. Curly                                   c. Long                        d. Tall




31. Buatlah contoh “Modal” menggunakan :

a. Can,  + – ?

b. Must, + – ?

c. May, + – ?


32. Write to English

Kita suka bermain bola kaki,bermain, bola voli, bermain tenis meja dan bermain basket tapi mereka tidak suka bermain, mereka suka membaca buku,



33. Write  five nouns a. in the kitchen

b. in your class

c. in the office

34. Write again five each other Verbs that we can do a. in the market

b. in the school

c. in the canteen








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