1. D : I’m D and you?

V : …. … V.

a. You are c. How are you?

b. I am d. What’s your name?


2. Billy : Hello Willy.

Willy : Hi Bill ………….?

Billy : Fine, thanks. And you?

Willy : Very well, thanks.

a. How do you do? c. How are you?

b. Nice to meet you d. How is the weather?


Perhatikan silsilah pernikahan berikut:

Mr. Anto                                                Mrs. Anto


Mr. Adam                  Mrs. Susi

Anita                  Glen

3.         Mr. White is Anita’s ……………

a. Son                                         b. Brother                              c. Grand fa                                            d. Grand ma

4.         Mrs. Susi is Glen’s …………..

a. Doughter               b. Mother                              c. Father                                d. Grand fa

Complete them !

5.         There are ( 2 buku ) on the table.

a. Two book                             b. Two pen                            c. Two books                        d. Two pens

6.         I have ( 5 apel ) in my bag.

a. Five apple             b. Five apples       c. Fifty apples d.Fifteen apples

7.         Mr. Adam is a pilot, he works on ………

a. Bus                         b. Train                  c. Hospital                             d. Plane

8.         Mrs. Tina is a nurse, she works in ……….

a. School                   b. Library                              c. Hospital                             d. House

9.         Anto works on a ship, he is a …………

a. Policemen             b. Captain             c. Barber                d. Cameraman


Find their answers !

10.      What is nine plus six ?

a. Fourteen                                b. Fifteen               c. Forty                  d. Fifty

11.      What is fourty five divided by nine ?

a. Fifty four                              b. Five                    c. Six                                      d. Seven

12.      What is seven times five ?

a. Twenty five                          b. Thirty five                         c. Twelve                               d. Forty five

Match the adjectives with their antonims !

13.      Lazy.

a. Kind                                       b. Poor                                   c. Diligent                              d. Stupid

14.      Straight.

a. Lazy                                      b. Ugly                                   c. Curly                                  d. Naughty

Match the pairs of family members.

15.      Grand mother.

a. Uncle                                 b. Grand father                        c. Nephew                             d. Son

16.      Sister.

a. Mother                              b. Father                                 c. Brother              d. Niece

17.      Father.

a. Mother                              b. Aunt                                    c. Uncle                                  d. Friend


Find the meanings !

18.      broom        19. Sing   20.Tea  21. Write   22. Bath 23. Pillow  24.Fan 25. Ball    26.Read 27. Table and chair            28.    Bring      29. Towel  30. Cushion             31. Fork  25.Play 32. Hobby  33.    drink                                                                                                       34. Watch   35. Call 36. Egg

37. Translate to Indonesian

I go to market with R, My name is O, I want to buy three books and two black pens. R doesn’t want pen and book, He want to eat meat ball. J and N go to canteen, they want to drink coffee but they don’t want tea


38. Write to English

B suka pisang tapi dia tidak suka apel dan semangka, dan B suka makan tomat tapi dia tidak suka kentang


Read the text !

The students study at school every day from Monday to Saturday. They don’t go to school on Sunday because it is holiday. The school begins at seven thirty and finished at two o’clock. Then the students must get ready at school to study several minutes before. They must not be late, they must come early and they must go home together.

39.      The students usually go to school ………….

a. Before Sunday    c. Every day

b. After January       d. Rom Monday to Saturday

40.      Biology, physks, art and religion are the names of ……………

a. Subject                  b. School                               c. Class room                        d. Teacher

41.      The following extra activity for the students ………..

a. Scout                                     b. Mathematics                    c. Civic                   d. Eating

42.      The word They in the text above refers to the …………

a. Days                                      b. Students                            c. Teachers                            d. Subject

43.      The students have their meals during the break in the …………

a. Laboratory                           b. Classroom                        c. Caffeteria                         d. Office


Match the things in the column A with B.

44.  Black Board a. untuk menyapu
45. Broom b. Tempat duduk
46. Vase c. Membuat garis
47. Library d. Tempat masuk dan keluar
48. Map e. To keep something on
49. Dictionary f. Tempat bunga
50. Calender g. Tempat sampah
51. Chair h. Mengetahui tanggal dan bulan
52. Cubboard i. Tempat menulis dengan kapur
53. Curtain j. Tempat membaca dan meminjam buku
54. Desk/Table k. Menutup jendela dan pintu
55. Garbage can l.  Membersihkan debu
56. Duster m. tempat meletakkan tas dan tempat menulis
57. Ruler n. mencari makna kata
58. Door o. gambar untuk mengetahui tempat/wilayah/kota


44.      a. h                             b. i                                           c. j                                           d. k

45.      a. d                             b. l                                           c. o                                          d. i

46.      a. c                              b. d                                         c. a                                          d. f

47.      a. b                             b. a                                         c. j                                           d. i

48.      a. m                            b. o                                         c. g                                          d. f

49.      a. n                             b. e                                          c. h                                          d. m

50.      a. l                               b. h                                         c. o                                          d. d

51.      a. c                              b. d                                         c. b                                          d. a

52.      a. f                              b. n                                         c. e                                          d. g

53.      a. e                              b. a                                         c. m                                        d. k

54.      a. m                            b. o                                         c. a                                          d. c

55.      a. c                              b. g                                          c. m                                        d. g

56.      a. k                             b. l                                           c. a                                          d. b

57.      a. f                              b. g                                          c. d                                          d. c

58.      a. h                             b. f                                          c. e                                          d. d

Choose down the time !

59.      04.20

a. Twenty four                         b. Four twenty      c. Two fourty                        d. Forty two

60.      11.05

a. Eleven five                           b. Five eleven                       c. One five                             d. Five one


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