Read the text and choose the correct answer to answer the questions!

Text For numbers 1-4.

I love cats very much. I keep some cats in my house. They are Kabuok, Bolang, Tigo Bono and Sincan. Kabuok is grey. It’s big and strong. Bolang is black and small. Tigo Bono is white, yellow and red. The last sincan, Sincan is white. I always take care of my cats everyday.

  1. What kind of text is the text above?
    A. Recount B. Narrative         C. Descriptive D. Report
  2.  ‘It’s big and strong’ .
    It refers to….
    A. Bolang   B. Sincan C. Kabuok             D. Tigo Bono
  3. How many cats does the writer have?
    A. 1     B. 2     C. 3     D. 4

    1.  What does Bolang look like?
      A. grey            B. black and small       C. white, yellow and red                    D. white

Text For numbers 5-7
To: Buddy
Hi, Buddy, I would like to invite you to my birthday Party.
Place                : My home on Tanah Tinggi
Day/Date         : Saturday, the 15th November 2012
Time                : 7.00 p.m.
Be there and enjoy the fun in my 15th Birthday Party
See you ……..! ( Vithree)

  1. What kind of text is the text above?
    A. Announcement       B. Invitation                C. Descriptive             D. Recount
  2. To whom is the invitation addressed?
    A. Vithree       B. Everybody C. Buddy        D. Buddy’s friends
  3. Who celebrates a birthday party?
    A. Buddy        B. Vithree      C. Buddy’s friends    D. Vithree’s friend

Fill the blanks !

  1. Riza is in Manado now. He is _____T-shirt and Trouser.
    A. buyed         B. buying        C. buys            D. buy
  2. Ong usually sits in front of the class, but she hate _______ in the last row.
    A. sits              B. sit                C. is sitting      D. sitting
  3. Bell goes to Borobudur temple every five years. She drives_______Own car to travel.

A. Our             B. her              C. your            D. Their

11. Rio      : “lets go to the canteen!’

Ane    : “…….. I am hungry”

A. It’s a good idea      B. it’s not good idea               C. I disagree                D. I hate it

12. Cow and buffaloes are ……. But tigers and lion are carnivorous.

A.Reptiles       B. microbes     C. herbivorous             D. viruses

13. Sahri    : “ I want you to come to my party tonight.”

Cita : “…….I have a lot of homework to do.”

A. It’s a great      B. I agree with you       C. I am afraid I can’t        D. it is a good idea

Read the text !

Leopards live in many part of the world, from Siberia to Africa. They have a  very beautiful yellow skin with large black spot. They live for about 15 years and eat small mammals such as young zebras, monkeys and deer. They sleep for about 12 hours a day. Leopards are very solitary animals. They spend most of their time alone in trees. They wait until a small animal passes. They jump on the animal and then pull it up into the tree.They eat it there.

We can not find many leopards now because people kill them. People kill them because their fur is beautiful and very expensive.

14. “Becouse people kill them”

The word THEM refers to….

  1. People                  B. Small animals         C. Leopards                D. Mammals

15. Leopards sleep for ….hours per day

A. Fifteen        B. Eleven        C. Twelve        D. Fourteen

16. Where do Leopards live ?

A. In the tree               B. Under the tree        C. In the river              D. In the sky

Guess the symtoms ! ( Tebaklah seseorang sedang sakit apa ?)

17. Anino holds her (kepala)

A. earache       B. backache                 C. headache                D. stomachache

18. Nofra gives Balsem to his (perut)

A. Toothache              B. stomachache           C. noseache                 D. handache

19. Eddo goes to dentist

A. Toothache              B. shoulderache          C. neckache                 D. legache

20. Wahi and Nazil say AKHAK-AKHAK

A. Fever          B. cough          C. eyeache       D. noseache

Read this !

Hello my friends. My name is Astun. You can call me Cin. I am a student of MTs. I am in the second semester of first year. I live on Jalan Koper. I was born on the second of January 1998. My father is Mr. Rohmad and Mrs. Anita is my mother. They are teachers. I am happy to meet you. Thank you.

21.    Where does Astun live ?
A.    On Jalan Koper       B. In MTs    C. I live on Jalan Pela  D. In January

22. Where does she go to school?
A. MTs      B. in the second year              C. In the first year                D. in Jl. koper

23. What is Astun’s father?
A. Mr. Rahmad            B. a lecturer               C. a teacher                    D. a doctor

Arrange the jumble words into the correct sentence!

24. Always – I – my English – read – every Morning
1         2           3               4               5
A. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5      B. 2 – 1 – 4 – 3 – 5     C. 3 – 4 – 1- 2 – 5       D. 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 5
25. I and my family – for picnic – to Cibogas – go – tomorrow
1                        2                  3            4           5
A. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5     B. 1 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 2     C. 1 – 5 – 2 – 4 – 3     D. 1 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 5

Do you know the meaning of those words ?

26. Seldom

27. Sometimes

28. Never

29. Often

30. Always

31. Adverb


Put on the sentences ! ( Buat kedalam kalimat yang benar )

32. Hate


38. Like

39. Come

40. Study





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