A.  Choose the correct answer!

  1. NinO                     : Hi, Icha. How do you do today?

Loha                      : . . . . .

  1. Nice to meet you, Nina                                                           c.   I am fine, thank you and how are you?
  2. Pretty well, thanks                                                                  d.   How do you do?
  1. Buhi                      : What are you doing here, Ayu?

Afa                        : . . . . .

  1. I do my homework                                                                 c.   I helped my mother
  2. My name is Ayu Wantirah                                                      d.   I’m waiting for the school bus
  1. Seller                     : . . . . .

Buyer                    : Of course. I need an ounce of chillies and a sack of salt.

  1. What can I do for you?                                                           c.   Can I help you, madam?
  2. Do you want to buy anything?                                               d.   Oh, nice to meet you here
  1. Mrs. Anne wants to buy carrots, tomatoes, chillies, and cabbage in the market. So she must go to the . . . . .
    1. drugstore                                                                                 c.   library
    2. greengrocer                                                                             d.   butcher
  1. Many people like to keep this animal at home. They keep it as a pet. People like it because of its soft fur and funny. It likes to eat fish and hunts mice at home. What is the animal?

a.   dog                              b.   fish                                    c.   cat                                      d.   bird

  1. Mr. Yasin . . . . . math at our school.

a.   teacher                         b.   teach                                  c.   teaches                               d.   teaching

  1. Dirun                     : Ok, Vida! You and I must go to the teacher’s room now. And . . . have to meet Miss Eva

Vido                      :  Allright. Let’s go now.

a.   we                                b.   you                                    c.   they                                   d.   she

Rearange the words into a good sentence!

  1. many – there – table – books – are – the – on

1         2          3        4         5      6       7

a.   7-6-3-1-4-2-5               b.   7-6-5-4-1-2-5                     c.   2-5-1-4-7-6-3                     d.   2-5-1-3-6-7-4

  1. Kate always . . . . . sandwiches for her lunch.

a.   have                             b.   eat                                     c.   eats                                                d.   eating

  1. A student              :  . . . . . for coming late, Sir.

A teacher               : Why? Did you have trouble on your way to school?

A student              : Yes, Sir. I had a flat tyre.

a.   I am sure                      b.   I am sorry                          c.   I am glad                           d.   I am certain

  1. The teacher introduces a new student in front of the class.

A teacher               : This is our new student. She comes from Denpasar, Bali.

She lives at 17 Jangli, Semarang.

. . . . . name is Ni Made Gawarini.

a.   My                               b.   His                                     c.   Her                                                d.   She

  1. A worker               : What do you usually do after working?

A friend                : As usual I take a rest and . . . . . my wife clean the house and how about you?

A worker               : Sometimes I sleep and watch TV until late at night.

a.   help                              b.   to help                               c.   helped                                d.   helping

  1. Rearrange these words into a good sentences!

Good – father – Mira’s – is – a – lawyer

1        2           3        4    5        6

a.   3-6-4-5-1-2                  b.   3-2-4-1-5-6                        c.   3-2-4-5-1-6                        d.   3-1-2-4-5-6

  1. Which of the following word has a different vowel (bunyi yang berbeda)

a.   carrot                           b.   purple                                c.   marble                                d.   parcel

  1. Tony                      : I need a pencil. Do you have some?

Shopkeeper           : . . . . . some. Which one do you prefer?

Janet                      : I think I like this one. The colour is nice

a.   They are                       b.   There are                           c.   There is                              d.   It is

  1. Davigo has . . . . . at 06.00. He usually has rice, fried eggs and a glass of tea.

a.   lunch                            b.   dinner                                c.   supper                                d.   breakfast

  1. Some people usually place frying pan, stove, knife and plates in the . . . . .

a.   living room                  b.   dining room                       c.   kitchen                               d.   garage

  1. In a factory, a supervisor leads many workers. The synonym of workers is . . . . .

a.   managers                     b.   employees                         c.   directors                            d.   secretaries

  1. My mother wants to make cakes for my sister’s birthday, so she asked me to buy eggs, butter, sugar, some flour and a little . . . . .

a.   pepper                          b.   spice                                  c.   salt                                     d.   maize

  1. There are four mayor . . . . . in Indonesia for Instance Moslem, Christian, Hinduism, and Budhism.

a.   religions                       b.   customs                             c.   identity                              d.   habbit

  1. People love animals very much. They like to keep them at home. The animals kept at home is called the . . . . animals.

a.   tame                             b.   pet                                     c.   wild                                   d.   rare

  1. Which of the following words belong to shopping!
    1. clothes, price, vegetables                                                        c.   dance, hide and seek, chess
    2. introduce, invite, collect                                                         d.   salary, wages, secretaries
  1. Mrs. Maryati works in a bank as a teller. She gets . . . . . about Rp. 900.000,- a month.

a.   a bonus                        b.   a job                                  c.   money                                d.   salary

  1. What do you say if you accept an offering (menerima sebuah tawaran)?

a.   No, thanks                   b.   I’m sorry                           c.   Yes, please                                    d.   Not at all

  1. The children’s bedrooms are upstair. Upstair means . . . . .

a.   on a lower floor                                                                       c.   to the ground floor

b.   on an upper floor                                                                     d.   on the ground floor

  1. I don’t have . . . . . sugar.

a.   some                            b.   any                                                c.   and                                                d.   the

Read the text carefully. Questions 27 to 30 are about Text 2.


Text 2

Tomato Soup

• 4 large tomatoes

• 1 small onion

• 8 cups water

• small clove garlic

• spices

• ½ teaspoon salt

• ¼ teaspoon pepper

• ¼ teaspoon butter

1. Fry tomatoes, onion, and garlic in a pan with butter for five minutes.

2. Add water, spices, salt, and pepper.

3. Heat until the water boils.

4. Turn down the heat and cover the lid.

5. Cook for one hour.

  1. What is kind of the text above?

a.   narrative                      b.   recount                              c.   monoloque                         d.   procedure

  1. How much water is needed for tomato soup?

a.   1 cup of water             b.   8 cups of water                 c.   5 cups of water                  d.   2 cups of water

  1. After frying the ingredients in a pan what is the next step?

a.   Turn down the heat.                                                                c.   Add water, spices, salt, and pepper.

b.   Heat until the water boils.                                                       d.   Cook for one hour.

  1. What is the last step when making tomato soup?

a.   Cook for one hour.                                                                  c.   Heat until the water boils.

b.   Fry the ingredients in a pan.                                                   d.   Put stock into a pan.

B.  Answer the questions briefly!

  1. Complete the dialogue!

a.   Dono               : Hi, Dini! How are you today?

Dini                 : Oh, I’m well and you?

Dono               : Pretty well.

Dini                 : Why do you often come late to school?

Dono               : My bicycle is broken. It has had a flat tire.

And you always come to school earlier. How do you go to school?

Dini                 : …………………………………………………………………

b.  Waitress           : Good afternoon. Can I help you?

Riki                 : Good afternoon. Yes, I’d like fried chicken with fries and a coke, please.

Waitress          : Would you like a regular or large coke?

Riki                 : Regular, please.

Waitress          : Would you like anything else?

Riki                 : Yes, I’d like an ice cream, please.

Waitress          : ………………………………..?

Riki                 : Chocolate, please.

Waitress          : OK.

  1. Rearrange these words into a good sentence!
    1. karina – a pair of – trousers – and – wanted – to – buy – shoes
    2. books – week – and – swimming – he – Anto – likes – reading – every – goes
    3. new – batteries – for – need – radio – I – some – my
    4. girl – cleaning – the – tables – rooms – the – are – the – and
    5. grandmother – school – to – visit – I – every – holiday – my – last
  1. Fill in the blank

a.   When you have a headache you go to see…………

b.   A ………… makes a shirt for you.

c.   Your …………. gives you homework everyday.

d.   A ………… . . . . . delivers mail everyday.

e.   Every restaurant has……………………

f.   One of the police duties is to…

g.   . . . . . . . . . . helps a doctor to examine a patient.

h.   You go to a … . . . . . . . . .to check your teeth.

  1. Translate the text below into the Indonesian!

There is a new departement store in out town. It is at the end of the main road. I buy a newspaper there everyday. This big store is open everyday, even Sunday. It is always busy on Sunday. A lot or people like to go shopping on Sunday.

They sell milk, eggs, biscuits, tea, sugar, and coffe. You can get aspirin, toothpaste, or a writing pad there. You can also get other things such as clothes, shoes, and cosmetics. You can even buy fruits and vegetables.

Although there are many things in the store, you can find the things you need easily. You can find shoes in the shoe departement and vegetables at the vegetables stalls. You can use a trolley when you need to carry too many things. It is really a very big store in our town.



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