The students study at school every day from Monday to Saturday. They do not go to school on Sunday because it is holiday.

The school begins at seven thirty and finished at two o’clock.

Then the students must get ready at school to study several minutes before.

They must not be late, they must come early and they must go home together.

1.    The students usually go to school ………….

a. Before Sunday                                             c. Every day

b. After January                                              d. Rom Monday to Saturday

2.    Biology, physks, art and religion are the names of ……………

a. Subject                b. School                         c. Class room                            d. Teacher

3.    The following extra activity for the students ………..

a. Scout                             b. Mathematics                c. Civic                           d. Eating

4.    The word They in the text above refers to the …………

a. Days                    b. Students                      c. Teachers                     d. Subject

5.    The students have their meals during the break in the …………

a. Laboratory           b. Classroom                             c. Cafeteria                     d. Office

Speaking questions

Teacher       : Good morning students, how are you ?

Students       : ……………..

6.    a. How are you too                                         c. Fine, thanks

b. Nice to meet you                                        d. Who are you

Kur       : It is your pen, thank you very much.

Das       : ……………..

7.    a. You are welcome  b. Fine                            c. Good                           d. So bad

Mai       : ……………

Sas       : I am twelve years old.

8.    a. How are you                                               c. How old are you

b. How tall are you                                         d. How big are you

Match the things in the column A with B.

9.  Black Board a. To sweep
10. Broom b. To sit on
11. Vase c. To make a line
12. Library d. To exit and enter
13. Map e. To keep something on
14. Dictionary f. To put some flowers
15. Calender g. To put rubbish
16. Chair h. To know the date, day and month
17. Cubboard i. To write with chalk
18. Curtain j. To read and borrow books
19. Desk/Table k. To cover the window or door
20. Garbage can l.  To clean the dust
21. Duster m. To put our school bag and write on
22. Ruler n. To look up the meanings of words
23. Door o. A picture to know the city and place

9.    a. h                         b. i                                 c. j                                 d. k

10.   a. d                         b. l                                  c. o                                 d. i

11.   a. c                          b. d                                 c. a                                 d. f

12.   a. b                         b. a                                 c. j                                 d. i

13.   a. m                        b. o                                c. g                                 d. f

14.   a. n                         b. e                                 c. h                                 d. m

15.   a. l                          b. h                                 c. o                                 d. d

16.   a. c                          b. d                                 c. b                                 d. a

17.   a. f                          b. n                                 c. e                                 d. g

18.   a. e                         b. a                                 c. m                                d. k

19.   a. m                        b. o                                c. a                                 d. c

20.   a. c                          b. g                                 c. m                                d. g

21.   a. k                          b. l                                  c. a                                 d. b

22.   a. f                          b. g                                 c. d                                 d. c

23.   a. h                         b. f                                 c. e                                 d. d

Choose down the time !

24.   04.20

a. Twenty four                   b. Four twenty                 c. Two fourty                   d. Forty two

25.   11.05

a. Eleven five           b. Five eleven                  c. One five                      d. Five one

Study the diagram and choose !

Mr. White                        Mrs. Black

Mr. Adam             Mrs. Susi

Anita                     Glen

26.   Mr. White is Anita’s ……………

a. Son                      b. Brother                       c. Grand fa                      d. Grand ma

27.   Mrs. Susi is Glen’s …………..

a. Doughter              b. Mother                        c. Father                         d. Grand fa

Complete there !

28.   There are ( 2 buku ) on the table.

a. Two book             b. Two pen                      c. Two books                            d. Two pens

29.   I have ( 5 apel ) in my bag.

a. Five apple            b. Five apples                  c. Fifty apples            d. Fifteen apples

30.   Mr. Adam is a pilot, he works on ………

a. Bus                      b. Train                           c. Hospital                      d. Plane

31.   Mrs. Tina is a nurse, she works in ……….

a. School                 b. Library                        c. Hospital                      d. House

32.   Anto works on a ship, he is a …………

a. Policemen            b. Captain                       c. Barber                       d. Cameraman

Find their answers !

33.   What is nine plus six ?

a. Fourteen              b. Fifteen                        c. Forty                           d. Fifty

34.   What is fourty five divided by nine ?

a. Fifty four              b. Five                            c. Six                              d. Seven

35.   What is seven times five ?

a. Twenty five          b. Thirty five                             c. Twelve                        d. Forty five

Match the adjectives with their antonims !

36.   Rich.

a. Kind                     b. Poor                           c. Diligent                       d. Stupid

37.   Straight.

a. Lazy                     b. Ugly                            c. Curly                           d. Naughty

Match the pairs of family members.

38.   Grand mother.

a. Uncle                             b. Grand father                c. Nephew                       d. Son

39.   Sister.

a. Mother                 b. Father                         c. Brother                        d. Niece

40.   Father.

a. Mother                 b. Aunt                            c. Uncle                           d. Friend

Find the meanings !

41.   Blanket                                                           51. Stove

42.   Teapot                                                           52. Wardrobe

43.   Shower                                                           53. Pillow

44.   Fan                                                                54. Bolster

45.   Mirror                                                             55. Bookshelf

46.   Bed                                                                56. Towel

47.   Cushion                                                                   57. Fork

48.   Bathtub                                                          58. Hobby

49.   Ashtray                                                           59. Watch

50.   Dipper                                                            60. Egg


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